Bug with 'From their beds' quest

After finding the the two boys and the girl, the status only comes up for the girl as done and the cages for the boys no longer exist. I also cannot get rid of the quest from my quest log.

Can you help?


after finding the last child it should have given you a new quest to complete by killing the shadow leader. Did you get that quest?

yes i did but the page for the quest remains in my journal.

You killed the shadow leader and turned it back in to the childs father in hulthines vale and it still didnt clear both of them out?

Yes both are completed and it has not cleared itself.


Okay but you got the quest rewards from teh quest just the journal pages havent cleared themselves out, I think there were a few other people having that problem also. Ill add it to the bug board and well keep looking into it thanks.

Hi, I have another problem with this quest : I had to free 2 girls and it’s written “done” on my journal. Then I found the boy, escort him to the village. He enters a house and disappears but it doesn’t count on my journal. I was doing it with 2 friends and it didn’t work for them neither.

Thanks for the help !

you should of gotten a second quest called “Lumber Jack” where you need to kill the Shadow Leader, once you kill him you return to the village and speak with the father to complete the quests. Did the Shadow Leader not spawn in for you along the kid NPC path?

Ok, I got the “Lumber Jack” quest but didn’t see the Shadow Leader.

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