Bugged msq "the trials"


I cannot seem to progress my msq. I have completed all 3 trials for “the trials” quest yet sicilus did not compete. I got her riddle wrong the first time, she sent me to kill a thing. I killed it and returned and it said quest complete. Yet it did not compete on the trials quest. What can i do to progress the msq?


sicilus has nor correct awnser the first 3 times or so, she should have more quests for you.


The only Quest she has offered me is her bestiary Quest. The second one, and it requires me to kill several Elites, which I cannot do. Also I do not believe the bestiary questline from her has anything to do with the trials. Perhaps I am wrong?


You are correct, the bestiary is not part of the msq.
After you complete her riddle, as there is no correct answer the first time, you learn the lesson that there was no objective evil, just nature.


if I remember correctly, the next step is to visit the captain in guild city and witness the execution
Its either that or you have to visit brother marko inside the cave near narrow orchard, follow the symbols through the invisible wall.


The easiest way is if you can post some screenshots or the titles of all the Quest journal pages you have, then I can guide you where you need to go.




Apparently I’m only allowed one image at a time and I have to wait between posts since I’m a new user. Which is incredibly annoying, though I can see why it’s like this. Maybe something to think about for bug reporting or tech issues though.


These are all the quests I have in my journal


If i remember correctly you can’t get the sword if you don’t have the reccomendation first. Check in your chest in the house, you may have stored it there and forgot about it.


Welp, that’s what it was. Never occurred to me that Sicilus’s Recommendation would be a physical item so I never thought to look for one. Thought recommendation just meant by word of mouth or something. Maybe change it to “Sicilus’s Letter of Recommendation” to make it more intuitive. Just a thought. Though I could just be less than your average level of intelligence lol.

Thanks everyone for the help.