Bugs: become a bandit (New)

we had been trying to do the quest and was having issues with getting me the weapon shipment drop, eventually i teleported away from the group, attacked the newly spawned weapons shipment, and then it flashed and i saw two guards inside it, then it dissapeared. we waited there for a very long time and it never spawned again. we all tried to leave the area and log back in but to no avail. hope it doesnt cost me my cape :frowning:

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Are you seeing other mobs in the Rainforest and just not the weapons cart, and just to make sure, in your journal you are showing the JP for the Bandit quest right? Just wanting to cover all the bases as I was able to complete the quest earlier today testing the weapons cart, but it is very possible that it could be something else that bugged out.

what a JP? i have the job uncompleted in my journal, and i saw all the other mobs, but there was no cart or accompanying guards.

JP (Journal Page), and ok we will have to dig in deeper to see what is causing the problem, thanks for the info.

Was with Robot when we tried this, my quest was complete a few days ago, we cleared the way and tried to let Robot do the majority of the damage to the cart. One of the guards unfortunately did kill him going up the hill and the cart died while he was running down from the Mountain Crest graveyard. Weirdly enough, the Weapons Shipment dropped for me(DaesAlt), and I think for one of the other players in our group, both of us having already completed the quest previously. So we went back to start to get another donkey, none spawned, we waited 10-15 minutes, Robot tried relogging, then we all TP’d back to our home and walked back to New Kingsport again (reload the area type of thing) But still no donkey :frowning:

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