Buying Angel Wings


I’m interested in buying Angel Wings. Please send me a message!


if people are selling angel wings, it is likely they would be on the auction house.
they are very rare


Since the release not a single pair has been on the auction house to my knowledge. The release was over 2 months ago now (I think?)

If you have a good 1 million + DRAM to spend on it then you might be lucky enough to find a seller.


None of the legendary overworld drops have been on the AH yet, I check multiple times a day


if after 2 months there has been none for sale… maybe its a little bit TOO rare? Considering its a random drop by chance and there is no skill criteria for it… seems a bit silly to make it that rare. :man_shrugging:


I’d be interested to find out from @Riley_D how many of each of the overworld legendary transmogs have dropped


Its more the fact that out of all the people who play this game like a second job, only 1 or 2 of them was lucky enough to get something and of course they use it, so there is no economy for it. Its basically just a lottery at the moment as there is no economy for the items.


Yeah, I could offer all my dram for one of the items but right now the person would have nothing to buy with all that dram, sure they could get the dram mount but what about the rest?


In my opinion, RNG is a boring/terrible system on its own. The only way for it to be good it for it to be paired with something that you actually have to work for. It doesn’t feel good to invest hundreds of hours in an attempt to get an item that is only pure luck.


Please not the G.R.I.N.D.I.N.G device… That is super boring and repetitive with literally 0 dynamism (it does a good job of personifying grinding definitely… but i am pretty sure also that this is not what the community has been asking for)

Clarity of progression seems to be a lacking factor with a lot here. The reason why people are not spamming shard dungeons every day is because there is no extrinsic reward after you are geared up (apart from a few of us who are happy with the intrinsic motivation to improve ourselves… But that doesnt fly with most the cohorts). Exactly the same reason why people get bored of the grinding device after finding their transmogs. If a ceiling on progression is too low or in the case of overworld drops, non existent, most people do not want to do it.


That’s what I mean. The grinding device is exactly the same as RNG. I want certain bosses to drop transmogs. EX: 2% drop rate for angel wings on a mutated rat T10 shard (lower for all other shard levels). Then you have the RNG system, and the progression system working in unison.


yeah… or use token systems for more things. I don’t think there is anything wrong with token systems… It just alleviated really bad RNG for people who put the work in.


To be fair I enjoy how rare these things are, it is awesome to see someone have one of them and also makes me think maybe there are even more transmogs out there waiting to be discovered. I do admit the rarity is very extreme though and found it discouraging that even those who kill tens of thousands of monsters have yet to find one. (the number I wrote is highly speculational but the top most active people have surely killed something like that by now)


I killed around 15k mobs. but a bunch is from dungeons and of-course the anti grind of 60 seconds makes the number useless. I don’t mind the rarity at all though. We need more rare things :stuck_out_tongue:

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This leads to my next quesion. Is buying a cosmetic item in OrbusVR for cash outside of the game explicitly disallowed? I read the Terms of Use and this topic does not seem to be covered. To me it seems to be not explicitly disallowed.


I got the angel wing drop during the recent world boss fight. Someone approached me and explained to me how rare they were. I was told I could get millions for it and they thought I was crazy for not selling them.

As pointed out however, there really isn’t an economy developed. There is nothing but potions and dyes I’d even have any real interest in buying. There seems to be more value in showing them off as a prize than selling them for money that serves no purpose.


A little part of my soul dies each time I get another pot helmet (I am up to 6 now I think) knowing that some lucky guy gets the mount on a single run through.

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Now now, don’t blame RNG!
(The guy that got the mount on the first run)


i still havent had a single drop from the GRINDER mr lucky pants.


Do you want one of my pot helms?