Buying runemage reagents


So everyone knows that the economy is out of whack because there is nothing that actually removes dram from the economy.

I would like to suggest that we have a vendor that allows us to buy runemage reagents. This would make it considerably cheaper to be prepared for raids and also drastically reduce the amount of dram in the economy, which should help a lot.

Anyone else agree?


Stall #8 at highstep’ I got enough so no need to worry about this for the next weeks, I’m selling at 260 if anyone want some stacks let me know.

PS, for a stack and more I can do lower, DM MarQc on discord :smiley: hope it solve the problem for a bit.


Prise has so far not bin affected… they sold for 175-300 rougly 5 months ago, now its a higher stall prise so 260-350 seems reasonable.


i believe my point was that they should be selling directly in the an npc vendor because they are a consumable that is basically mandatory. personally i would set the price at 100 dram. people would buy a ton of them and the economy would get better as a result.


They are a frequent drop, and a corner stone of the current economy as a highly used consumable. Removing them (which adding a npc trader will do) will mess things up.


Removing them will hurt about a dozen people who have invested in them heavily but it would be very good for the economy as a whole. I would argue they should give a months notice oce before adding the vendor so the speculators and borders can pad their losses. This is however the best solution ive seen yet to help the rampant inflation in the game


It seems like a lot of games have dram sinks by upgrading a house or guild. Not sure if making reagents purchasable by an npc vendor is the right way to go. I think house/guild upgrades would be a better route.


I agree. It would be a great way. However I dont think better. The upgrades are finite and people would just run out then the issue would creep back in. Putting an npc vendor in is probebly a fairly quick task, overhauling the housing and guild hall not so much. One takes a day the other could take months. The npc’s vendor could be a bandaid that gets us to reborn when everything will change anyway.


Removing the probably most used, bought and traded item in the game from the traid market is good for the economy?

Circulation of funds stimulate a economy, and vendors buying stacks of reagents is probably the most common major transaction.

I guess you would remove one of the items to make money off, that beginners and basicly anyone has access to within minutes of playing the game, and you would limit moneymaking to players with access to uncommon endgame tradable drops… it may impact a few more then just a handful to say the least.


As a note, stacks of reagents are virtually unattainable at this point without excessive hours of farming low-level mobs. From prior discussions, most people who farmed reagents did so in the Rainforest dungeon, which cannot be farmed anymore (or at least not solo-farmed) because of the level scaling.

The price of reagents (for a stack) at present is excessive, to the point that any new or non-“elite” player will not be able to purchase them, much for the same reason: no easy farm of reagents and dyes = no easy farm for money = no purchasing power for people who do not have end-game tradeables. The stall purchase prices just worsen the issue: the “elite” get richer and the new players remain unable to sell easily to make dram and unable to purchase items because they are poorer.

If you introduce a dram-sink, you better the economy because there’s an effective method of obtaining the much-needed reagents without undue time spent, while simultaneously reducing the total wealth of the “elite”.


There has been a lot of really interesting discussions surrounding video game economies and how they can even simulate real world economical effects. One of my favorite summaries of the topic surrounding video game hyperinflation is this one. I’d recommend it as a great perspective on the issue over the years.


In my opinion Riley is unlikely to implement any major changes to the current version of Orbus, simply because it will be gone in a couple of months. Ideas like this are great for Orbus but more importantly it gives perspective on what can be done when reborn comes out to help mitigate these problems before they pop up. I believe there will be an already implemented dram sink in reborn and im sure that the new market system will be more appropriately balanced to handle a player driven and farmable economy.


Thanks for sharing, it really does explain why a lot of mmo went this way, so having a in game currency to convert real money. so instead of buying 5.99 for a pet, you could pay for 100 diamonds at 5.99. but you’d have to make a system to trade “diamonds” for drams and drams to “diamonds” between players, like an auction, but again it could mess up all the economy bad if someone decide to buy like 20k of that currency…

would that be the solution for reborn you think? I’m perplex but yet again there’s a lot of things that can mess up an economy.


So in the same way that it’s discussed in the video the diamonds aren’t a magic bullet. It’s a part of a creative solution that can be used to mitigate hyper inflation. Combine this with a robust diamond shop and a healthy, but not overwhelming, number of gold sinks this can be a recipe for a great game economy with a rewarding experience for all types.


Game economics is a delicate balance. Obviously, you don’t want to change anything too drastically too quickly, because you run the risk of upsetting a lot of players. Similarly if you make too many large changes, because that would cause massive variance on currency value in the interim between each change.

What we do know, though, is that the current economy is ripe for hyperinflation; the only existing money sinks are the few quests where dram is needed, the few shops where you can buy basic pets or treats for dram, and the repair bill.

For the repair bill to be a more effective sink, durability would have to suffer in-dungeon. This, unfortunately, would absolutely require that there be quicker methods of obtaining a repair than porting home and walking all the way back to the raid/dungeon. Perhaps portable repair shops? Or stations outside of major dungeons? Or purchasable items that allow you to repair on the fly?

The quest sinks already kinda feel a little forced and scammy, even though some of them are as little as 20-30 dram. Unfortunately, they won’t really work as an effective sink because there’s a limited quantity of quests and each one is only used once; end-level players, who have the most money, won’t be impacted by changes here, except for newer quests. And I’m certain that people will be upset by raising the value sunk per quest. Especially when there’s no other option, as I’ve seen in a couple quests.

The shops are very ineffective as a sink: for pets, you can basically only get a small variety of basic ones from the Zoo store, while you can purchase the colors and sizes people want from players. This means less money is sunk because people will save for the variety. Add to this that you can purchase a player-generated dragon already containing a “special” (and thus pick which special is applied), and you remove the impetus to purchase the random-special treats from the Zoo store. I understand it’s a special part of this latest stretch to include the world pet treats, but that entirely removes the requirement for pet treat purchases from the store. Pretty much all other store purchases are tokened, which is a separate system aside from the inflating dram (for the most part, though the crystals you can get from deconstruction end up back in the cycle)

Basically, we’re running on a very primed economy with extremely limited sinks.


I’d sink some hundreds of thousands drams, for a huge manor by example also having the possibility of having like 5 table of potions crafting, this way I can setup each table for each potion I’m making, it would save me some time and I’d like that. having some distraction in the house like seeing from a windows a moving decor, one that is actually really nice, anw I wanted to let you know that I’d like the idea of making the player house having way more customization and having more houses (that look different), I would be ready to spend a lot in that.


These would be the perfect kinds of items for the real-world anchor/reserve currency. Would probably have to make houses visitable, though, to make it truly viable


I would still be ready to spend all those drams if it wasn’t possible to invite people into your player house… I spent so much time in there I’d like it to be really nicer even if other people can’t visit.


Again though, there are a few problems with this solution:

  1. it is limited in that once someone has everything, they don’t sink any more dram
  2. not everyone cares about this, so anyone who doesn’t care wont sink any dram
  3. This is very difficult to implement and is probably a huge overhaul of the system, whereas just allowing someone to buy mandatory consumables from a shop is something that can be done in a minute or two and work just as effectively.


okay here’s my opinion on that reagents seller you want, if they do that I’m pretty sure it’ll mess up the economy, here’s why :

  1. all the people who made some reagents before this get implemented will be pretty pissed, me by example would lose a lots and lots of drams and would probably quit. I mean think about it there’s people who put hours and hours in the game to make a bit of money to get a stall and yes there’s many other way to make some drams but if you’re a dps this is a good way of doing it.

  2. yet we don’t have a lots of stuff to sale I mean there’s no job like smith or weapon smith or else, so the consumable are pretty much the only stuff people can make money out by trading other people, if you remove one item it’ll only make the market for potions and other consumable go up, people still need to make their money back if they got a stall.

  3. It’ll not change the current hyper inflation, it’ll only leave a hole in the market and every people who are actual merchant/trader won’t care about this really so anyone who got money will just get better price on reagents and will sink a 10k for like a personal stack and will not care about it at all, I mean how do you think it’ll fix anything? We don’t use a stack a week lol.

I know for myself that I wouldn’t want to spend 10k for my personal stack, I would farm it, so the only reason I’d spend like all my drams would be for something that is really worth it, something new obviously, cause right now if it was not for reborn I wouldn’t feel like playing, all the work I put in this game is in the hope that we will be able to spend all that money on the biggest thing in the game, and for me a house seems fair cause of the numbers of hours I spend in it, it would make my gameplay way more enjoyable.

Again if it’s only cause you need reagents DM me, I can make you some good deal, it doesn’t take that much time to get enough to buy yourself a stack, make some potions sell them 3/5 the current price in stalls and you’ll get that in a week if you put yourself to it, if your a dps I’d say go farm it, even if it would take you 8 hours to get a stack (really slow farming), you’d be good for a long while if it’s the only thing you need.