Buying runemage reagents


the only reason one needs dram is to buy the things one needs to buy. one of those things people spend dram on are runemage reagents… the other is alchemy stuff and dyes. one of the best objectives would be to decrease the amount of time people spend grinding materials to sell because material grinding is boring for everyone.

As far as the statement about helping the economy goes, making dram more scarce (by removing dram from the economy) decreases inflation. decreased inflation means you spend less time needing to grind to get the things you need. This is a good thing.

Screwing over some people who over-speculated in order to balance a hyper-inflating economy is worthwhile…


first of all alchemy and dyes are consumable, if you’re 20 you clearly know it, cause every time you get a new piece of gear you got to make or buy those back, why do you think there’s a market around it?

Second, grinding is boring for everyone??? sorry to let you know but for me at least and probably some other merchant/trader, this is the fun part of the game, cause seriously doing raids get me exhausted for most of the time nothing, it can take up to 5h with a screw up teams, and you’re just doing the same stuff over and over again, this is the definition of boring to me, but I respect people who want to put all their time in the PVE gameplay.

Get over yourself, it’s not because you don’t like something / you’re not at this level of gameplay yet, that you can pretend to know that everybody think grinding is boring, it’s even written in the orbus home page " And of course you can attempt to make your way as a Merchant, crafting and acquiring valuable items to offer for sale at your market stall, or via player trading."
So orbus devs should change the gameplay because you think this is boring!

Ehhhh this is my last post in this, I’ll stop wasting time with this useless non sense.


I dont think being able to buy reagents cheap would change anything. When I was lv 1-10 I didn’t even know what to use them for and they are quite easy to aquire from just killing mobs. As you lv up and want to go far away from Highsteppe to lv up you realise you need them but by partying up with others you can share the cost of teleporting. When you start doing endgame content you will most likely have some reagent and dram saved up and you will need teleport and resurrection more frequently BUT you will also get more dram and rare sellable drops.

With the “new” shard system that also rewards you with potiondrops it’s even easier to save up dram because you don’t need to buy as many or no potions.

I actually think the system is great but I would change a few things.

  1. With the current player base we need MORE stalls in different areas of the world. It would bring down the prices of stalls and items.
    Double the amount of available stalls.

  2. Only one stall per player would probably be more fair as in more players would get a chance to own a stall and the richest players would certainly still get richer but not as fast.


It is fine that you like grinding. (it will still exist after removing the grind for runemage reagents)

By the same token though i DONT Like grinding, therefore i SHOULDN’T HAVE TO GRIND. I like raids, and currently i need to grind to do raids. As long as there is more dram coming into the economy than getting removed from the economy, i will ALWAYS HAVE TO GRIND.

For the exact same reason you stated for not removing the runemage reagents, it isn’t fair for them to keep the runemage reagents as a grinded object.


They are not. It’s a common drop.


last time i checked, a ‘common drop’ is an item that drops ‘often’. i’ve literally farmed for hours and not gotten a single one… this is not a ‘common drop’ it is a ‘rare drop’


You really don’t have to grind if you don’t want to. All you need to do is make money in any of the available ways. This could be: fishing, gathering, shards dungeons, potion brewing and aging, or tileset crafting.

The prices on reagents will likely go up a bit over time but if you’re doing literally anything to make money other than the 70-150 dram boxes when you don’t get a boss drop you should be fine as those methods should inflate as well…

Also if you really can’t be bothered to do any activity to generate dram for yourself then consider perhaps just walking everywhere. It will save you a lot of dram in the long run and the world isn’t too big especially now that we have mounts.


…If you ever bothered to farm for 5 min you would get one. Note that you can not be in a raid party to gett drops. You can litterly just kill the mobs outside the raid dungeeon and get a drop roughly 1 out of 2 times. Should take you a min.


RNG is like that. these mobs dont have a 50% drop rate. 1 or 2 isnt going to cut it unless you are super lucky.

from my calculations of my own grinding, i put trash drops (green items) at around 15% drop rate and runemage reagents somewhere around 1-2%.


…its a group of 20. Kill them twice. Should take you a min.

If you want to talk one to two percent, do try farming for salmon dye that actually has souch a drop rait. Or the pet on boss 4.


Keep in mind this is different for different mobs. Part of the reason people were farming the jungle dungeon is that the observed drop rate on them was better.


So far as I can see the argument for a regent npc vendor is longterm economy health and would be one of the better ways to fix it. Agaisnt is well it’s not fair to those that have saved grinded and bought them for sale. The later, although shitty, is temporary and will quickly go away and can be offset by having a grace period where it is announced but not implemented. The former will be around indefinitely and will most assuredly help the economy greatly.


What about a second reagent type that you can buy from a vendor which will be used for other locations you can’t reach with the normal reagent type. And that would apply for Reborn of-course. So you keep the old reagents and their worth for people farming them and also include a valuable item to buy.


i dont have any sympathy at all for ppl who have been buying up runemage reagents for cheap only to hoard them and sell them back for 3x the price later on. These people are part of the reason they are so expensive to begin with.


That’s not a fair articulation of the against stance. The argument isn’t just that it’s unfair to people who have stockpiles. The argument is that it’s bad for the overall economy to remove one of the most commonly traded commodities from circulation. Additionally it’s not even an effective dram sink. In order to have anything near the effect you’re referencing the dram price would have to be significantly higher than the current market price.

That’s the real problem with the for argument, there’s a shared concern between reagents no longer being easily accessible due to inflation, and the desire to use them as a dram sink to mitigate said inflation. In order for one to be effective the other can’t be.

There are better ways to handle the inflation in the economy and more effective/rewarding dram sinks that can be utilized. All in all I’m against a reaent vendor because it doesn’t seem like a good solution to the problems proposed.


It is a dram sink regardless of whether or not they cost more than the current prices because currently if i buy one from another player, there is no loss of dram in the economy. my dram has transferred to another player, he will spend that on an item from someone else, transferring 100% of that dram to them. In the case of buying from a vendor, the dram actually disappears from the economy. this counters inflation.

The fact that it is currently traded heavily doesn’t matter because this trade is just a transfer of 100% of the dram and is therefore not doing anything for the economy.


It’s definitely a dram sink my argument is that it wouldn’t be effective. It’s such a negligible amount of dram when you compare it to the amount being generated regularly so the only way for it to be effective is if it were to have the price raised significantly. Additionally consider that removing dram from circulation is completed by the merchants who hoard massive stockpiles of gold. There are several million dram being held in reserve this way.

For these players their increase in dram does not cause an inflationary effect as they don’t really spend it. Additionally they keep each other in check as when one player tries to use that stash to make a play on the market the other players swoop in to undercut them.

Not to mention they’re incentivized to hoard dram this way as the market stall bidding system rewards them for bidding upwards of 1 million plus dram as they fight over stall position.


I’m not here to debate about this non sense, I’m just here to say my reagents price (highstep stall#8) is now 190, so 90 dram more then what you ask for, I’m saying that cause your solution of this reagents vendor is not even thinkable for me so I suppose it’s just about you not be able to afford it.
Well good news it’s pretty cheap right now so don’t miss your chance!

PS: now at 165, yeah going insane now ahahahahah


Just make casting the spell “Perfect” cost no reagent lol.


What about putting a tax on stall-sold goods? Some small percentage removed from the economy directly from the pockets of the “elite” who own the stalls?