Buying runemage reagents


This is already happening when they pay for the stall


To some degree, that is true. But the stall prices are what cause it to be an elitist system; only those with piles of money can afford it, and they do so knowing that their stall will make them a significant amount more than that during each period.


When I started making drams 2 months ago (I had 15k drams) the price were higher then my current price, so stop saying shit, there’s no such things as an elitist system, you’re just lazy and want everything to be given to you from my perspective.

PS: I paid 180k for a month for my stall and I’m not close on being back on my money so I think you just don’t know what you’re talking about, with a bigger taxation then that stall will definitely die


It’s kind of funny how this is functioning as a snapshot of class struggles in the real world. You’re arguing that it’s an elitist system you can’t compete in and the other side is saying you have to work hard to compete and that you are not putting forth the effort.

On topic though stalls aren’t the only way to sell things. It is the best access to consumer side sales but you can just as easily sell products in demand to stall owners as well. Part of the community discord is committed to sales like this.

You can definitely break into stall ownership but to get to that point you have to do a lot of dram generating as well as aquiring stock for your stall. It is a lot of work to get to that point and this was done by all the current stall owners in one way or another.

It is very easy to lose money on stalls currently especially as growing dram supplies are increasing the prices while the playerbase isn’t growing at the same rate. That itself is honestly a much more effective dram sink than reagents could hope to be.


Hey guys looking over this and thinking about dram sinks. I am not sure if people have talk about this but what about all the dram that is taken out of the game when people leave. That is its own dram sink. Remember iscariot he was a millionare before anyone else I can remember. I could be wrong. Right now I have a ton of farmed mats that are locked up until I get my occulus back. With reborn hopefully we will have a more dynamic and balanced economy.

I think one of the biggest problems are there arent any items that are unique. Like a purple world drop that you were just super lucky to get.


So I don’t think you would want to consider players with dram leaving the game a sink per se. I think it would be more part of how you consider the rate at which the economy inflates.

It’s definitely something to consider since a game with higher retention will have a greater effect on inflation than one that regularly loses players whith dran reserves.

The rare drops in Orbus don’t really happen in the idea of gear. With the way they’ve designed the gear to be non tradable and no crafting professions. However the dye market has filled this void a bit. People have really taken to selling rare dyes such as black major or toxic waste accent for quite a bit.


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