Call for Footage

Hey everyone,

One of the things I’m going to try and do between now and the Open Alpha is put together a new updated trailer of the game to help get people excited about it. We have footage that we’ve recorded but it’s always great to have as much to draw on as possible. So if you recorded video during the last test or two and are okay with us using it (and giving you credit at the end of the video) then please let me know where I can get it.

In particular I’m interested in:

  1. Videos of people running dungeons or doing grinding in groups.
  2. Videos of people socializing (e.g. standing around and talking, or in the Lakewood Inn).
  3. Videos of groups of people fishing.

But really I’ll take anything you’ve got, haha. If you don’t want to share it publicly feel free to PM it to me.



Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but it’s a montage of us trying to get @Logan his warrior jungle shoulders and him losing his mind in the process:

(If you need anything from it without the watermark, I can probably get that for you)

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Bad luck RNG=best advertising campaign

Hahahah, I was more thinking there may be some good comical reaction shots that could be included, but that’s a really good point.

This is so much fun to watch, oh my god. Feed me more suffering plz

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I have several hours with but I will cut and edit when I have some time :slight_smile: and I was playing with a real life friend, but we immediately were approached by others who were helpful or were asking for help.

Here is my video of us killing Elongata and some other footage

Some of the highlights from the video:

First 2 minutes are taking down Elongata

At 3:16 I port Outlander

At 3:55 I port Riley (Orrbain)

At around 6:50 and 12.50 devs get their revenge…lol


“Oh wait is that my grave?” Famous last words

Here is the trailer I cut together, I ended up using some of Johann’s footage, thanks to everyone who offered theirs up as well, it didn’t fit in this time but I may use it in the future!


That looks really good! Hopefully that will get more players interested in the game!

Awesome! Well done on the video!

Looks great, you can only use my footage if you promise never to put in portal mats:)

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Wow! Very cool video!

Uhhhh…too late? :smiling_imp:


lol…I figured after last test.

A few questions about portal mats.

What is the drop rate for the mats?
Do all portals cost the same mats?
What drops portal mats?

I found them out in the world off of mobs but I also had a couple drop off of trash mobs in the jungle dungeon.

Yeah, during the last playtest they seemed to drop most commonly from spirits at I’d say a maybe 10%-25% chance, but I didn’t perform a large scale test. My guess would be that they’d be 1 use per portal or resurrection, but that’s purely speculative.

What was the mat called?

lol it’s actually called runemage reagent?