Calling for help bug

I was trying to think of feedback after headstart now that I’ve gotten some sleep. Sorry for the delay.

Currently happening: a mob calls for help from another pretty far away, and in the middle of fighting it the add will change targets and instantly reset because it goes over its boundary. I think some sort of limitation on distance would be great for the help mechanic so mobs reset less often. (Like if the add coming to help would be pulled out more than halfway to its boundary it just wouldn’t come help)

It was really happening a lot, and can be frustrating when you have something almost dead, barely move from where you started and it resets.

So I’m making a couple of changes to this for today’s patch. Basically now when a monster calls for help, the new “home point” of the monster called will be that position, so it should no longer get most of the way there then retreat. In addition, monsters will now come more quickly than usual when they are responding to help calls from other monsters, so that it’s not like a slow trickling.


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