Can anybody help for some strange reason it won’t let me login


Can anybody help me for some strange reason it won’t let me login it says something like oculus quest not logged in all the way which is not true and then it wants me to factory reset everything for some reason and I’m not gonna do that because I don’t want to delete everything so can anybody help.


Don’t know anything about the quest but can’t you just re-download the game instead of a whole reset of your headset?


I did that. Deleted it and then downloaded it.


And also that picture is what pops up in game


This is a bug with the Quest OS. When it shows this it’s because we can’t get your Oculus ID to log you in. Unfortunately the reset is the only way to repair your account to your device to fix it. Oculus is aware of the issue and this is what they’ve told is to tell people.


Ok so if I factory reset it like it is telling me well I still have the game on my account or will I have to buy it again


A factory reset will not remove the game from your account. You will however, need to do all the start up steps again like when you set up your Quest the first time (setting up play space, setting up WiFi, etc.). As long as you’re logging into the same account, any games you have already purchased should appear in your library.


O ok cool thanks for helping


No problem, let us know if you’re still having issues!