Can chain cast in home but not in dungeon


As the subject says, I can chain cast frost2 without missing once while in my home but go into a dungeon and I cannot hit a single one. Even when not in combat. I have a GeForce 980Ti and frame rate seems good. I used the Oculus tray tool to change the SS to 0.7 (was default of 0) but that made no difference. I do occasionally see the pattern glitch but most of the time it looks fine to me. Any suggestions on how to debug?


The easiest way to help you debug would be to see some video. Would it be at all possible to get a clip of you casting?


Will do. + 12 chars.


Well nevermind. Problem seems to have gone away last night.


Its back. Last night it came back horribly. Couldn’t even cast Frost2 when just inside the Rainforest Jungle dungeon. Luckily once we moved further in, it started behaving. It isn’t my technique because I can see the graphic getting choppy when this happens - the icon is getting reduced to a small number of lines instead of the smooth drawing. I brought up the Oculus Tray Tool while this was happening and I found that it is reporting a solid 90fps but only +/-10% Performance Headroom. However when I looked at the Windows Task Manager at the same time it says my CPU is only at 35% utilization and my GPU at 70%. Any suggestions on how I can get better CPU utilization? Memory is around 6G (out of 15.9). Why would the tool (and game behavior) be so poor when Windows still thinks I have compute to spare. CPU temp was 54C and GPU temp was 80C.

i7-5820 @ 3.3GHz 6 cores, 12 Logical Processors
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti


The task manager lies; this game is very cpu intensive and can get your cpu really hot; I say look into better cooling