Can players drop Overworld Legendaries?

Killing players in overworld PvP can cause them to drop a Runemage Reagent as a normal mob drop (like a normal loot bag, not a PvP loot bag).

The burning question on everybody (that I’m currently talking to)'s mind: Can players drop an Overworld Legendary as a drop like a mob, and not as a “I had it in my bag and lost it due to PvP”?


That’d be interesting and would possibly cause more people to world pvp if true.

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There would need to be decay against farming the same target, and a per day cap to prevent unlimited abuse.

It still probably follows the once a minute rule like mobs so abuse isn’t an issue.

What if it drops in battlegrounds? :scream: :scream: :joy:


Imagine if breaking it down did not give the transmog while in battlegrounds for some reason…

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