Can the XP bar be differentiated?

I’m watching a livestream of the beta right now and the XP bar looks pretty similar to the health bars of mobs and, in video form at least, is pretty easy to mix them up for a second.

I think maybe the XP bar should be a different color, thickness, or have an outline to better make it easier to discern at a glance when a health bar is next to it.

The XP bar is above the players head. what your seeing on the players weapon, is there special ability charge.

Also, the bar you see above other players, is there HP bar, while your own hp is displayed on your weapon.

On that note though, if you don’t have your weapon out, theirs no way to see your current HP, which is annoying when you don’t have a weapon out and are attempting to run away with from something chasing you.

Yeah, it just looked confusing while they were fighting a boss and the XP bar was next to the health

Ahh, I see what you mean. Yah, that makes sense.