Can we add some adjustable transparency to the UI elements?


I would REALLY like to be able to adjust the transparency for the XP bar (and future UI elements). I would love it to be a less bright color as well. When I look up to the sky I hate that I see a bright solid pink bar. I’d prefer if we could just simply move the xp bar to the Inventory. I never wondered how far I am from level so often that I had to look up constantly to check. If I could at least reduce the transparency of it to like 15 or 20% I’d likely be able to tune it out until I need to really look at it for info.


I absolutely agree with this! Dumb as it might sound, I really enjoy looking up and basking in the sun as I’m walking around in game (especially when it’s dark and dreary out IRL).

To be honest I’d never thought about making that transparent before reading this, but now that it’s been brought up I would love this to make walking around all the better.


What if the level and xp bar just disappear when you hit max level and give all players the choice to change transparency between 0-100% The XP bar and level notification are useless at max level besides getting in the way, no reason to have them on max level characters.

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