Can we get someone to cut the grass?

Just wondering if it would be possible to cut the grass on the roads? :slight_smile: I try and use the maps but in some cases I’m having to base everything off large landmarks when I could of done it via the road. Some places you can’t even tell there is a road even there due to them being over ran with grass (and some times an occasional tree in the middle of the path).


Try seeing if they improve with a higher graphical option?

I have everything maxed out.

Ive got it on my list of things to fix ( i assume you are talking about the rainforest)

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That is correct! Thanks!

It’s a rainforest, not some park, suppose to be overun and paths are suppose to be hard to see.

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try not maxing everything out since graphically speaking the settings seem to only effect how much grass there is

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