Can we have a Salon?


Pleeeaaase! For those of us who regret decisions made in character creation… and maybe a few new styles and colors?


Hmm, i thought i saw this in there already somewhere, but thinking about it i must have it mixed up with another game.


Hi there, this is definitely something we plan to add in the future, the ability to redo your character appearance.


Also if I could request a curly hairstyle :slight_smile:


Cloud Strife hair ; )


a few to pick from. oooh I want thick wavey hair


Can we also get beards?



Please do some beards!


Agreed, it’d be great to see some lumberjack looking fellers running around…


Beards. But not just short beards, longer beards too…


Hell yeah! Beards, more hairstyles for men and women :smile:


and facial tats/scars/eye-patches and definetly eye shapes/colors… pretty please


Hmm Women with beards ?


Don’t try and put me in a box!


Why not? Could be fun for all of us playing Orbus


Yes!!! Bearded ladies!!!


Gotta say that is just about the coolest beard i’ve ever seen (and i normally frown upon anything with curly moustaches haha).

Must be a nightmare to groom and shape haha :smiley:


Please yes! Great idea @Charlotte_M!

Many of us have significant regrets from our original character creation.


Look, not all of us can have fantasic hair without ever going to a salon


Anyone ever vive’ed until allmost late for work, only to discover 2 hours later why everyone was smiling… :expressionless:

(Did not actully have anything to write for the subject)