Cannot get Forest Secrets quest


Hello was playing with some friends and my dragon picked up a bunch of the truffles before I accepted a demanding chef II. I have completed Demanding Chef to but I now cannot get the Forest Secrets quest to progress my storyl ine. Player name is Advocatus. Please Help!


Have you already turned in demanding chef 2 to chef lethrow?


Yes, I have turned in the Demanding Chef II quest.


This post can be closed. I deleted the character since I received no help.


Not a great amount of time to wait for a response, the quests in the game sometimes bug out in interesting ways, for instance not being able to talk to someone vital for the main story. Was it not displaying the icon that tells you that you can accept the next quest or turn it in. If so that is a bug I remember from even old highsteppe, either the quest was waiting to be turned in, but did not tell you, or it was already done and you could move on. However that is just my thoughts.


Hi, sorry about that - just to confirm, it worked on the newer character you made or can you still use help for anything?

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