Cannot see mounts on other players

I am on a quest 1, and i cannot see mounts when other players are wearing them

I think that’s one of the limitations of the Quest.

okay, thanks

The update today was only for the Quest 2, on the quest 1 it will be the same.

Thanks, Robert. I assumed it would be both. Things look great in Quest 2, by the way. It’s a delight seeing everyone’s mounts and belt equips.

So an update is coming out for the quest 1 soon?

Id assume probably not, quest 1 just doesnt have the specs to render that much stuff


The problem is the quest 1 just has less power than the quest 2. It is like going: Oh, this pickup truck can hold 500 lbs of items so we should be able to put 500 lbs of items on a bicycle, right?

The bicycle (quest 1) is just much less powerful than the pickup truck (quest 2).

Yes, you could make improvements, such as adding a motor engine, streamlining things, etc., but the base is still unchanged. There is only so much you can do.


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