Cannot talk when I’m a party

Hi everyone I was in a party today and we were talking but when we were near other real players we can hear them but they cannot hear us when we talk why is that ?


What VR headset are you using?
Is it SteamVR or Oculus?
Have you checked in-game settings under audio if it’s set to Push-to-talk?

Hi thanks using oculus quest 2 have checked the audio I don’t have it set to push to talk it’s on all the time is it better to have push to talk set


It’s personal prefference. I just asked in case it was on, and that may have been the issue.
Are you playing the native Q2 game, or via PC?

If native, I don’t know what the problem might be. Maybe try hard reset/turn off/on the headset.

Thanks for the reply I got it working maybe just a bug

That’s a nice topic! I always struggle to remember what color is for what when using the compass.

Sometimes I also hear someone saying something that should be said in their fellowship to their party instead.

Would it be too hard to enable a single popup text when we change the compass channel?

(Trigger) Blump! FELLOWSHIP

(Trigger) Blump! PARTY

That would make things easier for people who are not so familiar with what channel does what.

Green = guild.

Red = ready to slaughter?

That’s how I remember it. It’s stupid. That’s why it works :smiley:


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