Cant access game with oculus?

Seems im unable to actually go into the game with oculus?

Launched it and i still see the home screen.

Is this a bug or did i launch orbus wrong?

Have you ever run a SteamVR game with your Oculus before? You need to have SteamVR installed and you need to have gone through the setup process for it already before you launch OrbusVR.

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Just a quick message to confirm It’s working correctly on oculus with steam VR.
Still it’d be great to have a dedicated oculus app later one (i always had some stability issues using steam VR)

Nota : the game is awsome even in its early alpha state, congrats ! :slight_smile:

Yes we are planning to build an Oculus-specific version later on (probably once we get into Beta). With as quickly as things are changing right now it’s easier to just have the one version to deal with haha.

Glad it’s working for you, though!


I’ve been using rift+touch with 3 cameras for roomscale and it works really well.