Can't cast portal on ice


As I was finishing the new quests in Necro, I tried to cast a portal standing on the ice river. The first rune casts, but the portal effect only shows for about 0.5 seconds and disappears. I was able to get a portal to cast once I got to regular (Snowy) ground, however.


We thought it might be because of the stacking damage classing you in combat when it happened to us so we went to stand next to the fire and then could make portals fine


Yeah that makes sense, the debuff does damage to you which would interrupt any in-progress rituals.


Awesome, good to know it’s okie dokie :smiley:


Yeah I ran across this and figured it out after like 15 minutes… went to the nearest fire and cast perfectly fine :slight_smile:


I’d never even tried to cast any of the rituals while in combat, so it just never even occurred to me, heheh. I don’t really seem to remember being by a fire when I got it to cast though. I must have passed one and the debuff just hadn’t gone on yet.


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