Can't find any queens ear?

Anyone know where one can find Queens ear?
Trying to do the first quest, literally spent an hour walking around (amazing game,by the way) and have not found the little leaves anywhere.

I know what i’m looking for since i had to do it in the tutorial (in the training grounds) but I can’t find them ANYWHERE in the main city.

Any thoughts?

When you first go down the stairs and your right by your house, go to the right. There will be a farm with a ton of rabbits and there is queens ear all around their

Thank you, i’ll check it out!

Love that the game doesn’t hold you hand, but i was getting sick (literally) of looking for flowers.

If there are none around Cenn’s farming (the starting spot with Redtails as described above) you can try going to the north end of Highsteppe, and taking the steps down next to the airship dock and to the left, past the signpost with all the different directions, there is almost always a couple queen’s ear too.

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