Can't get close enough to the potion making table in my house


I use the Oculus with touch controllers.
Due to my current office restrictions I have a flat wide rectangle of VR space available. It’s about 4 boxes high and 7 or 8 wide in the touch setup screen. It is difficult to reach the second row of ingredients on the table when using the flat area and hard to reach more than 2 columns (since I also have to reach the potion finishing flask) when I turn my area 90 deg. to use the deep area.
It would help greatly if I could somehow get closer to the table.


I also had this problem with a real wall in front of my caldron, the teleportation, sliding block stoped me fully. Rotating my playspace helped me to gett around it. You can do it the in game movement settings.


Yes, Burnator, I alluded to that.

“when I turn my area 90 deg. to use the deep area”

If I could slide closer to the table it would be much easier and I could use all of my ingredient positions.


I have this same issue with my Rift. I have tried moving my sensors as much as possible but i cant seem to get to that back row without hitting my monitor.


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The best way I’ve found to do it, it’s actually get at the back of your area, reset your view position ingame with oculus menu, idk the name cause mine is in french but you know the way you reset your postion, then you’ll be able to reach everything.


I’m having this issue. I had my best luck doing what @MarQc_Marc describes. However, it still didn’t quite work. I’m playing basically in standing mode. I have maybe 4’ in my standing area. When I maneuvered so that I was teleported as close to the potion table as possible while standing at the far edge of my standing position…I could just barely reach the ingredients. However, it was still very difficult for me to teleport left/right between everything at that point while worrying about watching the pot colors. Ultimately I blew through a handful of ingredients failing before giving up.

I do really like the realistic aspect of the potion making. Laying out the ingredients, grabbing and placing them in the pot in the order required and with the timing/color desired. I think it might just help to have an additional staging area for the potion I’m making. Basically where I can lay them out in sequence so that I can then grab and drop into the pot without having to walk along the table again.


I finally bit the bullet, got rid of the huge desk, got a small desk on supersliders. Now I can use the whole office. Life is good again!


The button I was taking about is name “Reset View” in english. you can even put your head outside of your guardian zone at the back and reset your view there, then you should be able to have all your area on the table, you’ll be actually walking in the table, might brake your immersion a bit but at least you’ll be able to deal with a small area for alchemy.

Hope it help


There is also a locomotion option to rotate your playspace. This can help


Thanks. Yeah. I am using that. And I’ve been able to get positioned where I can do the potions now. Just have to bounce around a bit until I end up in a workable spot.