Cant play game outside of theater mode

when ever i launch my game, my buddy is having this problem too, it will launch in steamvr theater mode


Was about to post this as well.

Can’t play OrbusVR. Steam is only recognizing OrbusVR as a non VR game.

Trying to start up OrbusVR however, it is no longer listed under my “Recently Played” list on SteamVR home. I was able to search for it in my Steam library inside my Vive and start the game up from there. Unfortunately the game only wants to play in theater mode.

After further investigation I noticed OrbusVR is not listed as a VR game on the Steam store page nor is it under my VR games in my library. My only guess is Steam isn’t recognizing OrbusVR as a VR game but as a non VR game.

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I’m having this problem also. The game doesn’t seem to be listed as VR anymore in steam. at least in mine.

Try running the executable directly from the game folder as a temporary workaround
We’ll take care of it soon.


This should be fixed now. Sorry about that, something got corrupted when I updated the achievements a second ago.

If it’s still not showing up correctly for you just restart your Steam client and it should be fixed.


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