Can't queue for dungeon, SOLVED


I’ve been trying to get in line for a dungeon in the last days but it didn’t work.
The menu where I can choose my class and then get in line is not popping up…

Something got changed?


Make sure you aren’t in a party? That’s the most common reason for the queue to not work. Though usually the pick a class dialog will still show up :thinking:


No, I’m solo…wasn’t in a party for some days…


Can you try it again, and then send us your output_log.txt afterwards? You can find it by pasting %userprofile%\appdata\LocalLow\Orbus Online, LLC\OrbusVR in file explorer. Send that to [email protected] and we can take a look at why that might be happening to you. Thanks!


I mostly play quest lately but I have a rift too…I will try again later


God damn, sorry guys! You were right! I was still in that group from days ago :pensive:
Didn´t know that that stays forever although I leave the game and nobody (“unknown”) is really in that group anymore…


Yeah, it seems to me that if everyone is offline, the game should automatically disband the party. It’s a really common issue with dungeon queues (and if it’s a raid party, it does some other weird things!)