Cant seem to find a few things - any guidence would be appreciated?

Loving the experience so far - and already seems to be a great community of players… just made lvl 4 and still have a few outstanding things to do on the list…

Night bugs - cant seem to find any?

Red Truffle - have searched the forest plenty of times (even went up the second set of stairs and got instantly killed with another player lol)

Need to make a potion - not sure what to do here in my house?

I have a ticket to board to the next area however I was told it is not in use and to walk - where do I go lol!

Any guidance would be awesome!

Red truffle is by the bandits near the knights emblem for your quests.

Alchemy you put the materials in the chest next to the alchemy table and then they will appear on the table :slight_smile:

yeah the potion thing is a bit confusing. Things like this should be more obvious or have directions in game.

Thanks for the feedback - just tried to search the bandits area again and while the knights emblem was present again, still no red truffle? Got killed and going to try again…

That should read fire bugs - not night bugs… still haven’t found them.

Now I have to figure out how to make a lure lol…

They are little tiny mushroom looking things. Much much smaller than other harvesting mats. Maybe you can ask someone in game to show you?

There’s a fire bug on the farm by the rabbits. Careful though he is an elite!

Lure making is the same set up as alchemy! Has its own table and chest.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the guidance… pretty quite in there at the moment so I will give it a go later

If you are still around I’m by the player house I can help out!

I’ll be on at about 18:00 CST, but I’m going to the world boss battle. however after that I’d be happy to help you find them. They are pretty small and I so far have only seen them spawn two at a time.

Thanks all - ended up finding them - yes there were small and only 2 were present - thanks again for the guidance.

Finshed up last evening and ended up going for a walk in the game… ended up finding the group getting organised for the boss fight and they offered for me to come along (even though at level 4 I would be useless lol). What a great experience and cant wait to get back on in a month to try and level up to 20! If you see me in the game say hi - space!!!