Can't Swap Weapon or Access Inventory

It doesn’t matter which weapon I try, after a few minutes I’m unable to access my inventory or holster my weapons. I first noticed this with the bow because I couldn’t access my menu at all or grab loot with my arrow hand.

This was really frustrating, so I decided to try out the musketeer. With my non-gun hand I could access the menu for a little while, but after maybe 15 minutes this glitched out as well and I couldn’t highlight any of the menu options. I could still interact with loot bags and my special orbs though. Even if an NPC bring up my inventory, I can’t select anything from it.

This my making it incredibly difficult to progress and enjoy the game.

My specs:
Oculus Rift
GTX 1080
i7 4790k
Windows 10

Not sure if this helps, but I find occasionally that even if I use my empty hand I can’t interact with the menu. If both hands are empty it works.

Edit: Wait just saw the holster weapons part…

Hmm I haven’t heard of anyone being unable to holster their weapons before. Just to be sure, you should feel a short vibration when your hand is in the right spot, then press the Grip button after that and it should work.

If that’s not working for you can you send me your output_log.txt file to It’s under:


Basically just wait until it happens that you can’t holster your weapon, then exit the game and send me the log.


Apparently it was user error. There is still a bug where you can’t interact with a weapon equipped, but I wasn’t trying to put my weapons away correctly. I was gripping and then releasing instead of waiting for the vibration and then gripping.

Once my weapons are put away, I can interact with the world again.

Okay, great, glad it’s working for you now!