Can't throw hammer anymore?


Hi, I just started playing this last week, and I chose a paladin since I tend to favor hammers in fantasy games. I was playing it today for the second time and having a great time throwing the hammer, I was using it as my main attack. But, after a while I couldn’t throw it anymore, it was just stuck to my hand. Is there a limit to how much you can throw it before it has to recharge or something? I couldn’t find anything in the journal about it. Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance!


This was most likely a bug. Re logging should fix this.


You may or may not have desynced. If the hammer won’t throw at all, try relogging or restarting the client. If it throws but is not empowered, it will do no damage and not let you teleport.


Also if you are trying to throw it on the path between zones, your whole body is inside a giant hitbox so you aren’t allowed to throw your hammer there at all. It will look like your hammer is stuck on your hand then. Same for trying ti jump over some other invisible wall places.


Thanks! I logged back in today and everything was working again.