Capes will be transferred


will capes be transferred in reborn because i have not destroyed my cape i would like to know will it be in reborn without detroying it will it be in my house invotory in reborn from current orbus


Yes all inventory items in your chest and your inventory will transfer over.

If you have any questions on how something will work just login during the next Beta test and you should see your character loaded up on the server how it will be when Reborn launches; at that point if you notice something is amiss just let us know and we’ll take a look to make sure it’s all smooth for launch.


I would like to know I have the capes in my inventory but I have not destroy them with it transfer over and there is a way to delete narwhal horns in our inventory


Yes, they will transfer over. Quest items like the narwhal horns will be able to be destroyed.


same with house deed i accidentally buy


also will the quest dragon transfer over in reborn


Just see what happens in the beta Vasilia instead of asking every specific item XD


i wish it there i dont want to lose it


That’s why they are transferring our characters in the next beta, so we can check the items carry over correctly, if not, we can bring it up and they will sort it for when the game goes live

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