Carnage - End Game Fellowship Recruitment

We are currently the #1 raiding guild in Orbus, we heavily focus on improving our gameplay and working hard to clear content. We are also one of the oldest, strongest, and most active guilds in Orbus VR. We formed our guild roughly 3 years ago in the original Orbus Beta and over the years our guild has held 1st-3rd place ranks on the Orbus VR leaderboards, and we have managed to maintain our position in the top 3 guilds in the game for over 2 years now.

Our main focus is PvE, but with about 80% of our members who enjoy partaking in PvP we are also highly involved in world PvP.

If you’re a end game player who is highly active then we would love to hear from you, but we are not a casual guild and we do not accept casual players.

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You can fill out our application here, You can also view our videos, and gather more information about our guild throughout our website.

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