Carnage fellowship recruiting


Carnage Is Recruiting

Carnage is looking for active level 20 players that are dedicated to the game and love running end game content. We are only recruiting players who have end game experience within Orbus or past experience with MMOs and are familiar with running end game content. The ability to adapt quickly, learn fast, and listen to instruction in a raid environment is a must. To apply to Carnage you can visit our website in the link provided below or send Troy#1832 a message.Also can private message Vasilia(lia) discord is Bookgirl_21#9271

Carnage Raids

Monday:(9:30-11:30PM) Central hard

Tuesday:(8:30-11:30PM) Central Expert

Saturday:(9:00-11:00PM) Central

PvP Events

Arena PvP Wednesday:(9:30-11:30PM) Central