Carnage is Hosting T15 Shards for All Level 30s in the Community, No Skill Requirement

Hey everyone,

Carnage is helping gear out the community for the Citadel raid. We will be running T15 shards with level 30s who sign up for our shard runs all week long. We will be holding the T15 runs this week on Wednesday the 28th, Thursday the 29th, and Friday the 30th. All shard runs will go from 10PM-12AM Central (Sorry, we are a late night guild.) If you can make it then go to our website and sign up for our shard runs under the raids/shards tab at and we will help you get some awesome gear.

Requirements: You must be level 30, but there is no gear or skill requirements. All level 30 main accounts are welcome, no alts.

Make sure you join our Discord, you will need to be in voice chat to run shards with us. You can join our Discord here


Where is everybody meeting on Friday?

meet in voice chat

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