Carnage Recruitment - Active / Friendly / End-Game Fellowship



Carnage Is Recruiting

Carnage is an active, friendly fellowship looking
to have fun while progressing through end game content.

We currently raid on:
Mondays (Hard/Expert),
Tuesdays (Hard/Expert),
and Thursdays (Normal)
at 9:30pm CST

We run shards as needed and try to gear up our players
and help them out as much as possible.

While we try not to discriminate, we ask that players
be close to level 20, active, and able to learn / adapt.

PM me (Tartarus#4696) your in game name via Discord so that we can see if you’re the
next in line to become one of the best! Carnage!


we are posting here now? lol


the more people that join, the more content we can run, already pretty active so be sure to join.