Carnage World Boss Event 3/15

Carnage will be hosting a World boss event this Sunday 3/15 9-11 pm Central
If you would like to come along we will be killing the Scav in Hulthines Basin
We will be in this discord :

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This Sunday is 3/15 though…?

Would like to take part but it works out to 2am for me.

its its march this Sunday from 9 to 11 centreal( 10 to 12 est)

Hello everyone! World boss this Sunday! Join the Carnage Discord if you haven’t yet!

If you are interested in joining Carnage “@Morfran” in Carnage General Chat.

I’ll DM you a couple questions asking Main class - side class, time zone, etc.

Correct I got it way wrong Title was right post was wrong idk how i did that.

I edited the title to the right date to cause a little bit less confusion.

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Thank you @Scott

Friendly reminder Scav Boss 9-11pm CST Be there!


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