Cash shop items

Since the description of the ig cash shop items is a bit limited I’d like to ask a few questions:
Are the cash mounts any different (faster) from the one you get via the MSQ?
Does the cash shop gathering tool do anything different/ better? Or does it just look fancy?
Is the selfybot just a pet?
And what exactly does that boot do? Is it a teleport item? One time usable?

Anyway thanks a lot!

everything is cosmetic, the selffie bot is obtainable through different means (though i dont remember who)

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(if you dont have the selfie bot yet) ask the quest npcs

Mounts are not faster, just that unique style. The cloud has a rainbow trail and the steampunk puffs of smoke.

Gathering tool just looks different as far as I’m aware

Selfybot for taking selfies and is equipped to belt, not pet spot. In game selfie bot I think you get from the Mayor?

The boot is a portkey! Harry Potter reference. Otherwise, just like the teleportation device we all have from day one, just looks like a boot instead of the “cookie”

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So everythings just cosmetics. Okay good to know ^^ thanks for your replies!
I honestly actually like it better that way.


I don’t think i’d play if it was anything but cosmetics. P2W for the lose.

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Other than the cosmetics part, they do describe the items pretty thoroughly.

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My concerns mainly were the actual use of the boot, who just said something like that it may transport you somewhere, the mining tool, which just was something like “if you harvest, harvest in style” and the speed of the mounts. All of which where not stated in the descriptions ;/

Only a home transport cosmetic, all cosmetics xD

Lol in almost every game forum there’s whining about P2W, steam reviews are full of this… “BEWARE it is not about skills or fairness, all p2w” blablabla… and once a game does refrain to join into this bs it starts again, but now the opposite XD

(The cash shop was introduced after players wanted to donate in some way btw, to reward devs for the game they love and there was no such option back then; look it up on the forums, that was the initial reason… And not that it matters, but people gladly pay for whatever styles and outfit in games, it’s a very common model, many games even run it additional to their p2w items …)

i thought the donkey hold more invotory splots in classic orbus i was wrong :joy:

He aint got time for your junk hes packed his lunch in there


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