Casting and playing orbusVR in General concerning the handicapped



you definitely understand… thank you


if its standing still it is not out of the question. I have some physical therapy and one more surgery to reconstruct the bone in my shoulder blade before i can test this out. I got to therapy every day to fix the muscle damage, i was hoping to use the VR medium to stay active so my recovery was even more beneficial.


I just know the type, “we need things to be hard”… why? The end game is where most friends are made and nothing wrong with a little competition. Its the ones on top or getting close to being there that hate change… Try reading a book called “Who moves the cheese”… that may help with understanding that some change is good.

Because my original post had pathos in it was only to communicate my personal situation. I feel out of everyone in this post yours was the “holier than though accept things how they are”… This was to bring to light a development for someone who no only supported the game for a very long time, but who still wants to even with limitations of today. Like i said i didnt just buy one access of orbus i bought two and two different VR systems that Riley actually has proof of because I told him I didnt want a refund when i found out occulus store wouldnt merge with steam and I just went out and bought an HTC VIVE.

I want to support this game again someday and maybe even play, there is nothing wrong with asking, and I made very valid points that obviously some players get. My limitations are not my doing they are my circumstance… I was able to draw all the runes before this, I just did not agree with the difficulty… I used to be able to paint in VR also but that is a thing in the past now too.

Ill accept what comes I just feel that I have made valid points and to be flamed right off the bat for asking was rude on your part, so i stood up to you and that will be that… If you have nothing constructive to input ill just ignore everything else you have to say.

as far as attack your character the only thing that is attacked is what you feel you are based on anything I had to say. I pointed out the mentality i dont know you as an individual so how have I attacked “your character”… unless you think like i was referring then yes it applies to you.

I have been able to tell that you obviously have some things figured out and like the current system… that doesnt mean it cant and shouldnt change… only the devs can make that decision, but if we never ask then we will have to accept what you have already accepted, and ill grant you there are hundreds (just look on steam and reddit concerning this game) that wont come back because of difficulty… news flash this is not the “elite gamers game” its supposed to be a business making money and the bottom line is when that stops the game will change (no game is above that dynamic)…

I just hope like many games its not too late, honestly no country in the world will allow prejudice against accessibility. Its like not having a handicap parking spot or a wheel chair accessibility. That is why the Devs have taken notice… because what I have said is VERY important to an entire group of players.

I do apologize for the in cohesive thoughts that come across the screen. I am on very powerful meds to deal with the pain but in only take as much as needed (I dont want to become an addict)… so if my literary skills are lacking please excuse that. I am using a text to speech its not the best translator


Richard, first thank you for your service. Im sorry to hear about your injuries and the effects theyve had on your ability to enjoy your favorite past time. I know from personal experience that the VA likes to keep treatment in house whenever that is an option, but it would likely benefit you to reach out to a local rehabilitation center. Most will have whats called an assistive technology clinic (sometimes called adaptive technology). One of these may be able to help remedy the problems youre experiencing through motion stablization (just like the hollywood cameras).
I know they make special spoons for parkinson’s patients that allow them to eat soup independently.
I cant say that will allow you to play a runemage effectively, but it could help you in other ways Im sure.
I hope to see you in Patreayl.


Sorry for the self-reply, but I wanted to post a link to such a clinic.

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