Cave dungeon boss stalagtites not respawning

So, in the cave dungeon, we wiped in the boss fight and no matter what we did, the stalactites would not respawn.

Were they falling correctly when the boss did its ground slam? Or only when you shot them down?

I only noticed it when we shoot them down. and i think the other guy is asking if they respawn ever. if you use them all up you’re screwed it seems

Right I think there’s something wrong with the mechanic that communicates between the boss and the stalactites is why I’m asking. Every time he does his AoE attack like a bunch should fall from the ceiling. If that’s not happening either then I think that may be related.

yeah that didn’t happen when i was there

Okay, I have pushed out a patch for this hopefully. If you are in a current dungeon run you will have to have everyone exit the cave and come back for it to fix it, but then it should work.

A group of us tried last night and the stalagtites didn’t respawn when the boss reset. We didn’t try all zoning out and back in. Also it didn’t seem like any were falling when the boss did his AoE. The only thing that made them fall was a player shooting at them.

I lead group through the dungeon the other day and everything work fine the stalagmites fell when he did his AOE did not notice if they were responding or not

if the bosses aoe is near the spikes they fall. i think that’s how that works. i do think they don’t respawn right now. idk what’s intended there but i’m assuming when you wipe it should respawn them. maybe have them spawn in every minute or so can fix this issue. i can imagine wiping a few times and then ur screwed

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