Change how exp is gained and how mobs work in dungeons/parties/group events

For events such as the gates event, you often see a combination of Musketeers using gravity orb and then rangers melting mobs with fire rain, shamans with totems. However, if you are a class without a stable AoE attack (Scoundrel, Bard, Runemage to an extent, or have someone blocking your shots by moving in front of you), then you lose out on that event participation and any exp from those mobs. Or if the enemies spawn in small enough groups, sometimes a Runemage or two will spam cast them to death before other players can reach them (again, denying participation credit and exp to other players).

For events such as the portal crystal toss or the fish toss, if another player grabs the crystal even a moment before you, you don’t get the credit for that crystal. (Based on a player getting bronze while the player that kept taking their crystals (somewhat on purpose from what I saw) obtained gold).

In dungeons (specifically no shard and low shard), if a runemage spam casts and kills the enemies before the other players can even reach the enemies, the other players do not get the experience (especially true for bards, which have limited ability to attack/heal at will, and shamans, which have limited ability to attack at long range at will). This both denies the other players both ‘real life experience’ and ‘in-game experience’ and encourages bad plays for the sake of getting a hit in.

So one proposal for events that require mob kills, have overkill health for mobs. For those who haven’t played games with overkill health, basically one form of it is that once the mob dies, you have x seconds to do damage to the mob for extra rewards (in this case, rewards for those that weren’t able to do damage otherwise).

A second proposal is that for events, allow for aoe participation for anyone that is not afk. In other words, they need to have displayed signs of attempting to participate (attempting to attack a mob, attempting to grab a crystal, etc.)

For dungeons/parties, give exp to any party members moving towards the mobs and/or actively buffing the damage dealer. Basically, accept buffs as part of the damage being dealt instead of having it count only for the participant, which would allow classes such as bard to gain credit for buff application, and accept attempted participation as participation. While this won’t help with the issue of high level players denying ‘real life experience’, at least the players being denied will receive ‘in-game experience’.

One problem with my suggestion is that it could be somewhat abused depending on implementation (leechers, players faking activity with rubber bands (though that could be somewhat detected)) and another problem is that it would make it harder to detect desyncs.

I agree that you shouldn’t have to switch classes to something that can spam AoE to get any credit for stuff at events. It’s a public event, so when everything is dead before you even look at it or you get blocked from rewards … why not just make the reward for everyone that participated? There are so many events all over the place and we still, often enough, have more than enough players for these events so there’s always at least a few people if not quite a few just getting shafted because there’s basically nothing for them to do lol.

As for dungeons and the like, just take the xp and split it across the party regardless of who killed it, this would solve the runemage spam problem, and other nonsense like sword rushing to mobs that are almost dead in an attempt to get a reward dragging a few mobs with you.

Lastly, if you’re all on the same mission in a party, consider sharing the progress even if you didn’t get a hit in because you’re hunting another of the same mob or you’re all fishing (man those missions take ages lol who the heck is gonna fish for 700+ lbs of fish 1-6lbs of sunfish at a time)

This gives parties a benefit beyond just voice chat and warriors having someone who can actually do damage lol. Currently the best way to go through stuff like this is to just stack DPS classes since they’re all ranged and hit hard and just melt everything.

So I was doing some checking on my log. At about level 15-20 with 2 level 30s, about 66% of the exp I gain in an airship dungeon is from the mobs, not the dungeon. This is counting the 5k completion reward and 2 1K bosses.

So the lower level you are, the more likely that the mobs are going to be a large part of your exp gained in a dungeon. In addition to that, yes, the mission issue is an issue. Was playing with a runemage and a lower level who needed a monster from the dungeon. Runemage just wouldn’t let the lower level get a hit in so they didn’t get any progress.

This leads to some rather desperate attempts to get a hit in, such as blocking the DPS on purpose, doing less for the party in favor of getting a hit in, pulling enemies before the tank, etc.

These are behaviors that we should NOT be encouraging because they will cause problems in even mid shards.