Chaos foil for armor

With the release of the new chaos dungeons I hope there are transmogs that have that look similar to our current chaos monsters (tear minion/tear brute/chaos giant/etc). Don’t know what else to call it other than chaos foil, it floats back and forth between purple and black much like the gold or silver foil.

I assume their base color is black, and purple is the foil since it is being caused by chaos essence. I have thought of a couple of ways to incorporate this:

Purple foil: This makes the most sense. Chaos stuff is purple.
Black foil: This seems like it would be the second most popular idea since black goes with everything.
Custom foil: I think this would be the most popular choice, but probably the hardest to create from a dev point of view. The armor transmogs are only one color. One primary(major) color, and I can change the foil color by applying an accent dye to it. This allows a very wide range of customization for the new transmogs.

A seperate, and imo fun, idea is that chaos radiation creates this foil. Being in the chaos dungeons causes your armor to radiate with chaos energy (this is the foil). Instead of only the new transmogs having this custom chaos foil, the chaos dungeons have a rare drop that can be applied to any set of armor and it applies this custom foil attribute to any gear that the player chooses.

Also: when can we expect to get that sweet sweet black/white scav armor that you can find on the scav NPC’s in the rainforest?


defo one of the best ideas i’ve heard lately. as for the custom foil, i think it would work just like the purple. you dye it and it’s then that color. what i would really love to see is the accent being solid stuff around it like spikes maybe. more spikes - cool armor lol


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