Char Model / Gear Customization Idea


An Artistic approach to MMO’s
I know you are all quite busy getting core game content ready for the expansion so this suggestion is more just to see what your / the communities take would be on such an idea.

What if you somehow allowed us to Draw with the controllers on our character model (Tattoos / Scars etc.) or Draw on our gear some patterns or designs maybe using Ink that we could farm. I think it would be something completely different than what currently exists in Gear and Characters in MMO’s.

For example I could imagine someone spending hours Drawing on armor they found and making it look absolutely unique, then even selling it for a price.

Just a fun idea I guess. Again I can assume this wouldn’t be a priority currently, but could be really fun and give players something else to do with free time in game.


Sure a fun idea! But lots would need to change because imho armor changes too quickly to be worth customizing it for hours - except for the few people with stable shard/raid groups who own the highest armor in the game (and be able to get to that point quickly, after new is introduced).
After 20 it’s like, you get a drop with like 1 point better armor, you infuse it with your old, poof, all your customizations and dyes are gone from your old.

I used to like charcoal dyes, but the droprate is so poor that I basically stopped dying on all classes except the main, and for this one I use pretty cheap accents since its armor is in a constant flux as well.
And dyes with very, very low droprates (dungeons) just rot in my chest, sadly, not sure if I ever will use them… So if lots of farming is needed for dyes I’d like to see some way that it transfers to new gear one gets, like, at least if anything is infused the dyes of the items used for infusion should carry over.

A first step to more customization I’d also like to see in reborn is to be able to dye all parts, currently some stay with default color no matter what.


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