Character Breaking Crash while zoning to dungeon

I was zoning into the dungeon (by spiders, behind swine, behind burning forest) and I lost connectivity. I was dropped to the character select screen. Because I was in a party, I immediately tried to reconnect to my character.

I must have been in a bad state because I zone in on top of a mountain somewhere (with no path off). I am Level 0. I have 2 hands with rings. No menu comes up (drag down or click menu button). If I grab behind me I feel the haptic buzz, but my hand just disappears.

Exit game and restarty does not fix. I can pick my character (Level 7 Marksmen - Hawthorn). He has all the gear in the avatar. But when I zone if I am in the broken state … help?

try logging out and back in again, we had a server crash but its back online.

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I just had this bug also happen to me, I’m unable to do anything with my character anymore he is in some huge area but I’m level 0 with 2 rings on my hands and I’m unable to access the menu to return to graveyard. Did you ever find anything that could fix it? Restarting doesnt do anything it just loads me back in the same place. Oh hey Hawthron its you. Its Cless the archer you went in with

Did you close out of the game completely then re-open?

Yes sir I did, shut down my whole vr set up and started up again still stuck in there.

What’s your in-game name? I can move you back to your Player House.

I’m Cless, The other guy is Hawthron

Okay stay logged out for just a moment.

Okay try now. 20 chars

That fixed it for me, thank you two for responding so quickly.

You’re welcome. We are doing another quick restart in bout 10 minutes, you shouldn’ thave any problems with that one though. Sorry for the trouble.

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Thanks … all fixed up.

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