Character customization ideas

I would love to be able to change my character a bit like changing hair color, eye color, eye shape, etc. It could be an option in the main menu or you could do it for a price like dram. Also I messed up my name in game. In game name is Gdzilah and I just want it to be Godzilah.

You already can. Go down to the odds and ends vendor in lower highsteppe and purchase a barbershop token for 10,000 dram. For the name change, dm Mathieu D. here, you can’t do it in game.


@mebg Thanks for that. I was reading more last night and saw another thread and figured it out. Thank you! @Mathieu_D if I could get my name fixed that would be great! In game name is Gdzilah and I would like it to be Godzilah. Thank you!

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