Character Gone?

roughly last night around 12:20 am pst i was running towards a dungeon with a group and got disconnected, had a patch to update so i thought thats why the game possibly crashed, went to log back in an my character wasnt they’re, all it says is “Your characters access @12/15 12 pm us cst” and shows me a generic white bald character at level 0. ended up passing out thinking another patch might fix it or something, went to logon again but the same error occurred , I verified files an reinstalled on steam but still no character. hopefully its a small error an my 56 hours so far didnt go to waste :frowning:

That indicates that your computer isn’t able to contact our login server. Do you have any sort of proxy/router/VPN that would be getting in the way?

Your character data is definitely fine, I just checked.

nope, i did just notice an error not ingame but on my screen saying " We were unable to successfully authenticate your store account with our game servers. Please try closing and re-opening the program." would this also be related?

Yeah something is definitely up there.

Go into (Steam Library)/steamapp/common/OrbusVR/vrclient_Data/output_log.txt

And send me that file to and I will take a look at what’s going on.

sorry for the wait but it has been sent

Okay thanks for sending that. It looks like our DDoS protection service for some reason was flagging you as a threat, go figure.

Can you try now?

ya i checked but same thing happen, no character an same error with the authenticating my account to the store

Okay, what happens if you go to ? Are you presented with a CAPTCHA to solve?

hmm i actually dont get a Captcha on my pc

Okay, can you PM me your IP Address and I will try to whitelist it?

would that be as simple as going to myip or ipchicken, or would i be finding that in cmd console

Just go to Google and type in “What is my IP Address” and it should tell you.

YESSS!!! perfect im back in, thank you again for the help and i very much appreciate how quick it was as well!!!

No worries, you’re welcome!

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