Character in void, plus reverted to level 1

So I stepped out of the player house around 8pm pacific time, black screen for a minute so I logged out and in, black screen still. Finally after a minute or two I got in but I was lvl 1, empty inventory and had no name. I asked another player and apparently it’s happening right now to a few other players, and my party member had the same issue at the same time so we’re both unable to get on our characters anymore.

Character names are Lavawhale and Thea.

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Same issue both me and my friend.

update, I just got in (Lavawhale) Thea is still attempting to log in

Update: Thea and Lavawhale made it back in

It looks like something might have gone wrong with one of the shards last night, but seems good this morning. We’ll dig into it deeper.