Character in void

Every time I have tried to log in recently I get to the Character selection screen and on whichever I choose whether it be main or alt I get sent to the infamous black void lol. I have tried all connection types and still no luck. Unsure of what else to try? Character name is Kizzleton. @Riley_D @Mathieu_D


Tried teleporting you to your player house, let us know if that helps.

@Mathieu_D Unfortunately it’s still the same black void. It’s my first time loading the game on the Quest 2, would that have anything to do with it? I have uninstalled/reinstalled too.

gotta blame stuff on someone lol

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@Mathieu_D Stuck as well here. Managed to escape the void after a few hours of waiting offline.

At this point, we just need a stickied topic of:

If you are stuck in the void or have a deleted character, post here.