Character progression question

I haven’t seen how character progression works, or what the plans for it are. (I tried searching, didn’t find what I was looking for)

In the test, all you had to do was equip a weapon, and you were that class. All the same level.

Is that how it’s going to work in the future? Will we have to level each class independently, switching via weapon or menu (like FFXIV), or will the character level, and be able to be whatever we want at any time?

I read that you’ll have to level each class independently. If you level your Mage to 4 and then change to warrior for the first time, you’ll be level 1 again. I can’t recall the exact place I read it, but I believe that is the current plan (which may change in the future, who knows?).

That’s right. All characters are multi-class by default. Equipping a weapon sets you to that class. Any XP earned goes towards leveling that class. Riley has written that the max level at launch will be 20.

Fantastic. That’s what I was hoping to see.

In the last test I played, it was already how you envisioned it. Level changes depending on class. For example I level my Archer to 8 and Runemage to 5. Equipping the wand made me a level 5 Runemage and equipping the bow made me a level 8 Archer.