Character Selection Issue


So im on Oculus Rift running the game through the Steam VR and whenever i load into the game all i see is my character and the game prompting me to hold down the grab button and make a selection on the menu but there is no menu.


It’s in the middle of your playspace (the back of the menu is see through so if your looking from behind it seems to not be there). If you move to the middle of your space you should find the menu there.


Thank you i found it but its not in the middle of my play space, its outside my boundary’s in the wall. This might be a issue with the boundary’s set my steam so let me fix that and get back.
Thank you for the help.


the menu is still appearing outside my boundary’s even after redoing the boundary setup for both SteamVR and oculus rift, i can barely reach the menu. do you mind telling me what the middle of the payspace is based on?


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