Characters won’t load in

Characters won’t load in I’ve tried restarting my oculus and all I don’t wanna delete orbus because I don’t wanna risk losing all my progress (edit: I’ve re-downloaded orbus and still nothing)

Tactical Dot because I am getting same issue …

Hi, is the issue persisting today for you both, or did it go away after a while??

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i am still stuck in the dark void.

Can you let me know your character name?

I am having the same issue right now.

same issue but I just got the game and haven’t even made my first character.

We’re investigating the situation now, looks like there is an issue with the server.

Are you able to get to the character select screen now?

Same problem on my character
Logged out 30 min ago down by the Highsteppe fence event, and when i tried to relog i was greeted by darkness.

We may have been experiencing some temporary localized server issues around the time of your post, but I went ahead and teleported your character back to your player house now, let me know if that helped.


Haven’t been able to Jump on my VR for a couple days.
if the problem isn’t fixed or if you’re able to just move me my name is MadeThisName lvl 8-9 runemage.

same here Algenor is my character name.

Same issue. Black screen upon login.

So we just have to wait around until a dev comes and manually fixes the problem? Sounds like a critical bug, is an hotfix coming soon?

Yesterday I was able to login and play for a bit after a few hours. Then this morning I played again and encountered the same bug while exiting a dungeon. Now I’m stuck on a black screen again. This doesn’t seem like the level of stability I’d expect from a game that’s been out for 4 years.

I am having the same issue on my character Nëväëh

i can’t log into my character it just goes to a black screen for a minute then returns me to the character select

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Same problem! I go to login as my character and it’s just a black void, after awhile it will take me back the the character selection screen!!! Help!

Hi, we’re investigating the situation at the moment, and we apologize for the frustration. Will let you know as soon as we have an update.

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