Charged strikes after shaman rework tested

Since the rework of shaman separated the guaranteed extra lightning orb from critical hits, I was curious how charged strikes has be affected.

I ran a small scale test by running out to the wastelands with only a shield totem and my lightning orbs and the longevity talent activated, killed 13 red X enraged scavs with a +5 charged strikes mask and then killed 7 more with a +6 unbending/iceheart mask. My trials had pretty consistently 20 throws per enemy before they died, which is not very much, however was the best I could manage on my own.

The results are as shown:

+5 charged strikes (~20 hits per enemy, 13 trials):
31% critical hits
21% extra orbs
52% total events

+6 unbending/iceheart (~20 hits per enemy, 7 trials):
20% critical hits
20% extra orbs
40% total events

Based on this small sample, it looks as if the charged strikes affix no longer guarantees an extra lightning orb since the dps rework has separated the proccing of extra orbs from critical hits.

My question is whether this was intended or perhaps an oversight when the rework was done? Any chance of getting the extra orbs to generate when charged strikes procs on a lightning orb, or something comparable to help mitigate the dps loss?

Very interesting, makes charged strikes a fair bit less appealing on shaman now eh?

Yeah it’s hard to tell how often a lightning orb would crit from charged strikes because of all the shaman’s normal guaranteed crits, but it definitely can’t help.

I really hope they make crit affect it again. I like having different classes wanting different stats and affixes. It makes the classes feel more distinct and complex.