Charging Turret with Renew Orb - Useless?

This is a rather specialized question about the “load” function of the musky turret for devs. Since a long time it is said that a Renew which is spread via Turret (by initially shooting a renew on it, to “load” or “charge” it) is weaker than the one the healer himself places, manually. Now I recently looked at some numbers, though, and was surprised HOW much weaker that is - about four times, it barely heals anything!!
And I suppose that is because the renew does not take over the stats of the player, like int, potions etc., but the stats of the “naked”, stat-less turret.

However if that is so it makes no sense to load the turret with the Renew Orb, ever. You have to avoid that at all costs since it even can overwrite your stronger, manually placed Renew.

Now in Reborn there is an additional problem however, since the turret is used to spread the Renew to dps with the charged-shot talent, if there’s no mob available (typically in situations where rangers are in the group, far back, and in high level shards with mutations like reflective strikes). Since that action also charges/loads the turret, though, which begins spreading the weaker Renew, there’s a risk the stronger renew is overwritten by the weaker one from the turret.

Imho this simply should not work that way. If anyone charges the turret with Renew he certainly expects the turret to spread the “same” Renew that you could spread manually. If that is not the case then it’s a fight healer versus turret, the healer always trying to overwrite the weaker turret-renew with his stronger renew.

I am posting this under “bugs”, not suggestions, because right now I suppose it was not designed this way. It would be great if the turret-renew just does what it is expected to, heal everyone with same power like the manually-placed Renew does.


So I may be wrong (I didn’t read about half of that I’m super lazy rn) but Tallia and I have talked about this a lot and I’ve tested this myself. Yes renew is weaker, so I just charge my turret with cure and that seems to do the trick (I’m sure you already knew this)

Ya, really hoping this is a bug or what’s the point. I suppose I wouldn’t mind if it didn’t overwrite the stronger renew your are spreading. But still it should be based on the strength of the renew you are empowering it with. If I have a +6 I don’t want a +0 renew…


pretty sure that’s just a set amount weaker, since your turret heals does go up with your gun(at least I think/hope so) and if it was just that it was +0 heals for the turret renew it would “only” be about 25% less(or about 17% depending on how the healing scales with the weapon, can’t remember) which isn’t nearly 4x less.

regardless, it seems kinda silly and shouldn’t be like that, at least now when you can charge shot renew to get the whole party.

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Tested with my +6 musket by charging my turret to take damage, putting it on damage mode to avoid getting normal heals from it, and hitting it with Renew from far enough away to not get affected by normal Renew orb. Renew from the charged turret gave me 1585 heals per tick. I thought that was absurdly low, so I tested again with it in healing mode and it made no difference. Renew from the musket normally heals 8300 per tick.

A renew from a level 17 Musket gave me 1677 per tick.

That’s…even worse than Bard healing. Finally, something we can do better :smiley:


I may be doing something wrong, but I’m also getting ticks for 1585 on a Beginner Musket when hitting a Charged Turret with Renew (after the Renew from Turret overwrites the 200 some odd Renew Orb healing).

With a +6 Musket: Turret  6 Renew Test

With a beginner Musket:

That’s just me sitting by Hidden Garden using Charged Turret to take damage, then shooting a Renew at the turret with different Muskets. Make of it what you will :slight_smile:

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They should be able to fix this. Frost 2 used to overwrite frost 3, and instead now frost 3 goes through it’s lifespan before being replaced at the end with the remaining duration of frost 2.

No weaker buff should ever override a stronger one.

In the case of affliction I really hate how it works. It’s nice solo to have 3 affliction 2’s but unnecessary. In group’s its kind of annoying and I wish every mage just had reservation for 1 stack of their own affliction, as with literally most rpgs.

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Ok, eventually you don’t play the class, the load with Cure you always do because it makes your turret-heals stronger, nothing wrong with that.
This thread however is about a musky’s other option, loading it with Renew (in the OG we used to do both since you also can load several orbs same time). This option does not make your turret stronger (like cure), it offers a different mechanics: it spreads the renew to whomever the turret is on.

And if this overwrites manual Renews, in a negative way, this is a problem, it renders it useless.

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Thanks for confirming, this matches my numbers and I thought omg really… if my overwrite-theory is true a sudden exchange of the strong Renew, by a turret-Renew, could’ve even caused some deaths of dps, where I always was surprised how this and that Dot can suddenly be so strong that a Renew can’t handle it, as it usually does…

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